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2022 Fall Fairway Fiesta 35th Anniversary in Savannah, GA
In 1988, a foursome of Chris Odell, John Mikkola, Tom Margosian, and Don Hardy unintentionally created a golf tradition. With the intent of getting away and enjoying a weekend of golf, womanizing (they were all bachelors at the time), and partying, they road tripped to a few of northern Michigan's finest golf courses. In the years to follow, each fall season brought on an increasing number of the country's greatest hackers. In 1989, eight individuals went to Myrtle Beach, SC. In 1990, six went to Sawgrass in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1991, the golf tradition hit full stride with 14 participants heading for Traverse City, Michigan...and the legend lives on.

The "Fall Fairway Fiesta" name was coined in 1990 by John Mikkola and Rick Jones. Mikkola bought a $2 trophy (overpriced) at a garage sale that needed a name and a purpose. Until 2002, the "Fall Fairway Fiesta-Most Prolific Hacker (MPH)" Award was presented to the weekend's biggest golf disappointment. In 2002, the MPH award was retired (actually drowned). Today, the weekend honors the golfer who performs best against handicap. As these men grew older and wiser, they realized that the weekend was more about reconnecting with friends that span decades and not about wishing one of your buddies shanks his next ball into the woods. Many new rules have been added throughout the years for a number of reasons; however, the main objective remains the same..."Get old friends together to play different, challenging courses throughout the United States (world?) on a designated fall weekend".

The intent of this website is to keep the Fall Classic's memories alive for years to come, as well as share current information. Every detail has been painstakingly captured throughout the years and posted here. This website has been organized into 6 main sections: History of Past Outings, Future FFF Plans, Consolidated Golf Statistics, Virtual Trophy "Winners", Hacker Participant List, and Maintenance Instructions. The goal is to make this website simple, easy to maintain, informative, and just plain FUN.

Enjoy reminiscing about past FFFs (especially all those things you want to forget), and always remember-the best is yet to come!
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